A little bit of heaven, hidden from the crowded places, a cozy place where you will experience Brașov from the very best point of view. Come and discover our beautiful city like no one did before. We carefully selected the most professional people to deliever the best experiences in food, travel, relaxation and home made goodies for your family. Join Daniel and his wonderful tours around Transylvania, try the best food experiences with one of the best chefs in the area, Daniel Nistor, release from the stress in duet for a day with Dragoș  & Diana and their melting massage, have a private photo session with Ciprian or select one of the best hand made goodies with Little Joy & Fantasia’s Candles. Whatever you have decided to do, come and meet our Cupidon team who is ready to deliver the best customer service. Join us today, reserve your vacation now!


Check In, Smart Lock & Safety

We are available for you 24/7 if something will be needed through your stay with us. As soon you will have your reservation confirmed you will receive the activation code from our smart door application so you will be able to enter the location without any hassle, anytime. You can also open the door remotely via internet as long the reservation will be active. We want you to focus on your vacation experience so we ensure safety on our location with CCTV Cameras located on the building main entrance and in the hidden garden outside the apartment. All safe from our side.

Philips Hue Atmosphere

As you enter the location you will discover that we have ambiental lights from Philips Hue in every single room. You will match your mood every evening with the lights that can be controlled from your personal phone, from our Ipad terminals located in the location or simply from the Philips switch located in the livingroom.

The Garden

The little secred garden is located behind the building and has a exit straight from the bedroom of the Little Heaven. We will be in a continuous change for the 2021 with it as the final plan will have a huge hammock placed above the grond level, a little resting place and a rounded private area where you can relax. Meanwhile we will be ready with a wooden alley witch will end with a dining table in front of the Livingroom window. You can enjoy the morning coffee and breakfast in full sun who will hide behind the building after 2pm.


We have in our location for your own pleasure a PlayStation4 console,  we already prepared some awsome family games for you to try, up to 4 people can connect via SmartLink with their own devices to the console everything with the help of a projector to use on the entire wall.  We will wait for you with a wireless connection to a Sony Sound System located on the kitchen ceilling witch can be controled from our terminals or your smart phones, so you will enjoy your favorite music while on vacation too. Press play to the music!

1-4 Guest

The entire flat has a maximum capacity of 4 people but we can accomodate a family of 2 adults and 3 kids if needed.  The bedroom has a wooden frame King size bed of 193cm x203cm (US 76″ x80″ ) and the livingroom have a huge confortable couch from 2 pieces of 180cm x 275cm with a beautiful curved design who is waiting for you.

The Kitchen

We had equipped our kitchen with all the needed things in order for you to have a nice, relaxing vacation. You will find one of the best appliances around the kitchen area and we are trying to make you focus on other things during your stay with us. We have our livingroom table to serve your meals and if the sun will shine you will be able to enjoy the outside table in a nice quiet atmosphere. Just above your head into the ceilling we have our stereo speakers so we hope will turn your dancing moves on. We ensure we deliver the best quality sound with our SONY system.

The Bathroom

The fully equipped bathroom offers you a beautiful big rounded mirror, ambient music and fully customisable lights, you will also find bath robes to keep you warm around the house and 3 different size woll towels,  all you need for a beautiful evening at home.

The Heating System & Loundry Services

You’re more then safe inside Little Heaven. We installed the heated floor system all over the house, you will enjoy warmness on your feet all over the house during the cold, winter nights. We also fully equipped the little technical room with a washing machine and a drying machine so you can refresh your belongings anytime you need and have them ready for the next day.

Wireless Network

We cover the entire area with free wireless 100mbps connection for our guest, enjoy listening free Youtube Premium music and surf the net from our IPad terminals. Connect your devices to our Little Heaven network as soon as you will arrive and you will be more then entertained.

Check Availability Dates


Be careful, we are very well hidden in the heart of the city! Our location can be found at Matei Basarab 25F. As a nearby places we have Casa Iacob, A-HA Lounge and Cinemateca Patria. Our guest will receive proper indication about the location site and all the rest information needed to reach Little Heaven.